Fundraise With Us

Fundraising can be a tricky area for any club or organisation, with many falling back onto the traditional sausage sizzles, raffles, trivia nights and even the chocolate box sales. But these can be over done with the same people helping over and over again and often with very little return.

To help organisations raise funds the team at Oksana’s Kitchen has developed a unique fundraising program that will run for as long as you desire (years if you want!) with very little effort. The program has the ability to run in the back ground creating a completely passive fundraising campaign for your organisation.

So, what do Oksana’s Kitchen do? We make sauce. But not just any sauce we created a range of sauces that are completely gluten free, added sugar free, preservative and additive free, and most importantly they taste just like real food! Our sauces include: Tomato, BBQ, Chilli, Pasta Sauce, Salas and Chutneys.

Why chose the Oksana’s Kitchen Fundraising Program for your organisation?

  • Our sauces are completely natural and healthy for everyone in the family
  • With every sauce sold your organisation receives $1.50
  • A completely passive program that can run for a couple months to years
  • There are no upfront fees or purchases required
  • Apart from a little promotion this program can run independently
  • We can take the orders leaving you to focus on your organisation
  • Depending on the size of your organisation you have the potential to earn up to several hundred dollars or several thousand per month with very little effort

We can help you with letters/emails to all organisation members and we are more than happy to set up tasting days to coincide with any scheduled events you may have. If you have a BBQ we will even supply you the sauce! We will also help with prizes should you have any raffles running.

We would love to share our program with you at one of your organisations meetings to discuss what we can offer and also give you and your committee members a chance to taste our sauces.

If you would like to hear more please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call Paul on 0429 611 122

How it works:

Upon agreement with the Oksana’s Kitchen Fundraising Program we will set up a display at your organisation on the best day which captures the most members. This will allow members within your organisation to taste our range of sauces so then they are able to see what is on offer and we can tell them a little more about the product and the program.

Oksana’s Kitchen are able to offer two ways for members to order;

The first option available is where your organisation will take control of all the orders and payments. Your organisation will then send through the orders were we will pack them up and deliver them to a central location for collection. An invoice for the ordered sauces will be provided with the order for payment. 

The second option available is all orders are done via the Oksana’s Kitchen website where members will be able to register their details and select the organisation they are a member of. The supporter will submit and pay for their order online and the delivery can be either made directly to the member (depending on the amount ordered in some cases a delivery charge may apply) or to a central spot for collection. The beauty of ordering via this method allows the fundraising to continue without an end date and can even go on during the off season! Once a fortnight a statement will be sent to your organisation with the amount depostied to your nominated bank account. 

We can also help in promotion by supplying order forms, adverts for newsletters and poster templates to help promote your fundraising. And if you do hold a BBQ Fundraiser we are more than happy to provide sauces and should you need it we are more than happy to provide gift baskets for raffles or any other fundraising events you plan.

A couple scenarios on how Oksana’s Kitchen’s fundraising program can work.

Scenario 1: Big Push then Auto Pilot. 

Recently an under 10’s sporting team began using Oksana’s Kitchens fundraising program for an upcoming Japan trip. In the first three weeks the team of 14 sold 296 bottles of our sauces, with many repeat customers during that period. The majority of these sales where from three people.

This team raised in 3 weeks $444.00 and are still going.

Let’s expand on this in relation to a larger club situation; with the big push being taken over the first month with the view then to change to the passive auto pilot approach.

Club of 700 members based on percentages above, 700 x 22% = 154 sales people during the big push phase. 154 selling average 140 bottles a month to everyone they know, 154 x 140 = 21560 bottles for the first month or an income to club of $32,340.

With the program then reverting to the passive auto pilot approach we have found an average of four bottles per sale in the first month would mean each of the 154 sales people would have on average 35 customers, this gives the club 5390 potential customers for the auto pilot phase.

If we look at 70% of those customers becoming repeat customers at 1 bottle of sauce per month. That would be 3773 customers buying one bottle per month or 3773 bottles sold.

This phase would mean the club potentially could benefit to the amount of $5659.50 per month or $67914.00 of passive fundraising.

Scenario 2: Auto Pilot

We will look at a scenario where the club adopts an Auto pilot approach from the start.

Lets say an average club of 700 members. With 25% taking a passive approach to the sales. Whether it be purchasing for themselves or just introducing a few friends to the program.

700 x 25% = 175 passive sales people.

Let’s say through their own purchases and friends each person buy 2 bottles of sauce a month. That would amount to 350 bottles per month or $525 going into the clubs funds each month for as long as you wish. This would mean an extra $6300 per year of passive fund raising to go towards those things the club may often put off.