Welcome to Oksana’s Kitchen.

Our Nans all hold a special place in our hearts and Vanessa’s Nan, Oksana was no exception to this. Oksana loved her family and spending time with her family was precious. Oksana believed one of the most important times in the day was quality family time.

We all struggle with the limited time available daily and our busy schedules make it hard enough to get a meal on the table, yet alone having time to make sauces from scratch. The tempation is to buy the cheap commercial sauces from the supermarket just because they are easy.

Our aim at Oksana’s Kitchen is to free up some of the time people spend preparing food by providing an off the shelf range of sauces that feel just like homemade. We guarantee our sauces are free from all the additives and associated nasties.

Oksana’s Kitchen don’t see you as just a customer, we consider you part of our family and want to give you just that little more time to be able to spend with your own family. We do this by making available home made sauces that are “Just Real Food”.

Please take a moment of your time and have a look through our site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.